A few weeks ago I wrote an in depth article for Social Media Examiner called 8 Keys to Blogging Success. I’m breaking it up into bite sized pieces and going into some more detail so that we can talk about this.

It’s all good fun till somebody gets confused and leaves…

#3: Do You Communicate Clearly?

What’s wrong with this text:

It’s critical for your blog, as a value-added proposition, to go forward, push the envelope, and sociably grab the low-hanging fruit via a second-to-none, seamless integration. At the end of the day, bloggers must hit the ground running, think outside the box and bring a lot of value to the table for their readers.

Does they gobbledygook actually mean anything to you? Avoid “business-speak.” It’s a turn-off to potential readers because it’s so overused and vague.

Seth Godin created a fun business cliché rating system that’s worth a look.

encyclopedia of business cliches.jpg
Some things are better left unsaid.

Tomorrow we’ll cover the next key to Blogging success.

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