Are you a little confused by how Facebook’s posting system works?

Here are 4 very handy tips for people getting started with Facebook Pages:

1. Protect yourself and get your Facebook organized in line with their guidelines!

Facebook Profiles and Pages function very differently. Your profile should have your actual name and have as much personal information as you can comfortably share with the world.

Businesses that started out as a personal profile can now change their name to a personal name before Facebook boots them off, which is happening a lot more frequently these days.

2. Back up the Facebook information you’ve shared already, as well as your contacts.

Here’s an option: Backupify

3. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your business.

Here’s a link to get you started:

4. Learn how to post from each one, because they work a little differently from each other.

Have questions? Please comment here or you’re always welcome to ask questions on my Facebook Fan Page.