You don’t get to fret, worry, decide you’re a lost cause, or that your business will never take off the way you want it to.

You don’t get to waver in indecision about yourself and your own personal brand of awesomeness.

You don’t get to avoid scary projects because you think you might fail.

As far as I’m concerned you only get to make 3 Final Judgements in life:

1. You’re awesome as hell.

2. You have unlimited potential.

3. We’re all going to die someday so you’d better get cracking on how you want to gift the world with something that comes out of your best self.

Everything else is undecided and you’re selling yourself short if you shrink back from what truly delights you. Now get out there and impress yourself with your daring, phenomenal, brilliant entrepreneurial life.

I dare you.I double dog dare you!