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Don't take anybody's head off

When you’re looking to boost your brand and social influence

Remember to keep your words tender and sweet

It makes them taste much better if you end up having to eat them later. 

Every now and then it’s possible to receive a hurtful or irrational comment on a blog post or status update. Always keep a level head when and if you respond. You may be surprised to discover how quickly your fans will speak up for you without ever having to go there yourself.

 It’s always good to save the drama for daytime television or reality shows and keep your focus on contributing meaningfully to your communities.

When you establish yourself as a positive (or at least entertaining in your snark) voice, people come to you again and again for your content.


You set the tone for your online communities. Rise above any pettiness that comes your way and move that conversation to a private channel, like email. 

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When have you felt like serving up somebody’s head on a platter but resisted the urge? Please scroll down to the comments below and DISH!