At Last!

Thanks to When Harry Met Sally

I think we all know how good it feels to get that out there. Your most joyous expression of who you are, online, that is. What did you think I was talking about? 😉 It’s time to start paying attention to your dreams, your wants, your desires. It’s the stuff online magic is made from. […]

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Getting Your Feet Wet Online?

Waves of Influence

Most of us feel like this when we need to put our passion online and dive into online marketing:   (Psst! If you want to hear the funny music, click on the upper left corner where you see the speaker down below.)

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What Makes Me Feel Alive

Launching feels good

What Makes Me Feel Alive For my birthday this year, I splurged on one of the happiest and most illuminating weeks of my entire life. I went surfing. In case you don’t know me, I passed my 30th birthday some time ago and haven’t looked back. There’s so much adventure to be had right now! […]

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