PsychoBabble – Getting Them to Accept (even if they don’t agree) via Joseph Carrabis


Joseph Carrabis, Chief Neuroscience Officer at insightXM and contributor to my book Online Reputation Management For Dummies, caught my eye with this insightful article on the finer points (for me) of human communication. I could learn a lot from him. One tasty tidbit is to use primary colors on your site and copywriting. Our brains take […]

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Making Mentoring Productive

Take My Advice

My friend Richard Guha is one of those people I’m extremely grateful to know. He’s a former F100 CEO for Reliant Energy and others, Board Director, and Executive in & out of Residence, advising CEOs & CXOs. This post of his strikes a chord with my experiences, both as a consultant and somebody seeking advice. […]

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I Did It. You Can Too.

Overjoyed after catching my first wave

All my life I dreamed of becoming a published author.  I’d repeatedly tried to get Wiley Publishing to notice me, but they wouldn’t even return my phone calls or emails. One day, everything changed On Labor Day weekend 2011, out of the blue, Wiley Publishers asked me to write a book for them. Only 3 […]

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