Facebook Pages – Another View


Chris Voss, Social Media speaker and consultant, weighs in on the Facebook question with his Facebook Users Have Explosive Page Views data chart by Business Insider. This data was compiled during the 2009 Christmas season, so I have to question the legitimacy of these statistics. Wouldn’t you think it’s safe to assume that lots of […]

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Websites vs Facebook Pages: which URL should you promote?


I’ve long been a fan of limiting Facebook to personal interactions, although I have many friends with fan pages and am not promising that I won’t ever have one. It’s a question of what kind of business you are representing and what you can do for people on Facebook that you can’t with a dedicated […]

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10 Incredible Geeky LEGO Creations

My sons have been LEGO fanatics ever since they were toddlers. There’s just something so wonderfully liberating about sitting down to a pile of legos and creating something new. ¬†These people decided to create something familiar and really cool with their LEGO sets!

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