Choosing Happiness With The Magic Underwear Trick


This post is just plain fun! It’s written by a favorite, 20 something blogger who is brave enough to be herself, right down to telling the truth about her “Choosing Happiness with the Magic Underwear Trick.” Got any of those?  I do! 😀

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What Exactly Is Foursquare Again?


During the final months of 2009, social media “superstar” Mashable predicted that by the end of 2010 Foursquare will be the most dominant social media application in use. These are tall words, especially given that Google released it’s Buzz recently and that some of Twitter’s most ardent fans and early adopters, such as Tim O’Reilly […]

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The Art And Science Of The Email Signature

Cool signature

Have you ever received an email with a separate attachment for the signature art? While this can be fun to look at sometimes, most of us want to get our email quickly and without a lot of clutter.  In my search for the perfect balance between informative and cluttered, I found this detailed guide on […]

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