Lori Randall Stradtman Online Reputation Management Book

Creating Powerful Visibility In A Global Economy

Hire me to provide personal, hands on training in this one of a kind Creative Visibility Workshop. When your group leaves they will have teams and a detailed game plan to radically elevate visibility for everyone involved for only 15 minutes a day. Includes:

  • Branding Basics from Invisible to WOW! In under 60 minutes
  • Getting Noticed By Search Engines.
  • Blogging For Beginners or Those Who Want A Fresh Perspective
  • Creating Your Magnetic Vortex
  • To Market! How To Succeed In Online Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Made Easy



RichardGuha “Lori is incredibly knowledgeable about Reputation Management… since I am fairly aware of reputation management online I did not expect to have to transform my perspective so much…She combines knowledge of the tools with expertise in the process. Anyone following her prescription could not fail to benefit from it. She is also a wonderful coach, adviser and consultant.”

Richard Guha, Growth Company CEO



I offer a range of expertise and specially tailor it for every group’s focus, so please don’t hesitate to ask me for

what would be the most enjoyable and productive for your event.


Organic Networking topics:

  • I Hear You, I See You: Modern Meetings Just Got Productive (A deeper look into the art and science behind creating more powerful, positive connections with people at work and at home.)
  • Cultivating Broader Bandwidth: How Empathic Harmony Broadcasts Volumes Without Saying a Word
  • The Cost of Digital Rudeness: Cultivating a Culture of Digital Civility
  • The Tail’s Wagging The Dog: Technical Mindfulness
  • How Making Room at the Table Makes Us Smarter, Richer, and Happier



Donnetta Campbell at Womens Leaders Forum“It’s such a pleasure working with Lori! She thoughtfully interviewed my clients for the most accurate information possible and then tailored a strategy that fits their needs exactly, both now and in the future as they continue to grow. I look forward to working with her regularly and recommend her to anybody looking to create a solid social media/crisis management strategy and training for their organization.”




Donnetta Campbell, Chief Innovation Officer of The Barn Yard Group Digital Media Agency, serving Fortune 500 companies



Online Reputation Management topics:

  • Anatomy of a Reliable Crisis Management Strategy
  • How to Sleep Better at Night (Security, Privacy, and Preventing Social Engineering)
  • Touching The Heart of Your Intended Audiences
  • Anatomy of a Social Media Meltdown – And How To Avoid 99% of Them
  • When Crazy Happens Online – How to Overcome with Grace and Dignity