Crisis management

Dear Facebook, violent crime and deadly disease aren’t funny. Thank you for doing the right thing!

ASIRocks and Hands Photo

Friends, you know I’ve never gone here, but this is just too astonishing to let Facebook get away with it.

Because you matter. Your friends matter, your Mom, your brother or sister, your Dad, your nieces and nephews, your neighbors – they all matter. A lot. To me. And Facebook is taking a stand to keep a silly community page up that celebrates violent crime with a picture of a naked, bruised woman who looks like she’s just been victimized. If you’re anything like me, you don’t think this is funny, either.

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Holy Schmoly! 10 Commandments of Online Community

When you keep the ten commandments of community everything goes better.                      *  Be transparent                      *  Be helpful                      *  Be trustworthy                      *  Make it right                      *  Share solutions                      *  Stay calm when you’re provoked                      *  Be sensitive to people’s sexual orientation, as applicable                      *  Respect religious differences while […]

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Etsy Girls vs. Urban Outfitters: A Case Study in Social Influence

Truche's I love NY necklace design

A dear friend prominent in the Etsy community sent me this true “David and Goliath” story that demonstrates the power of online community.

Urban Outfitters, featuring “clothing, accessories, and apartment items,” appears to have ripped off the design of solo entrepreneur, Stevie K on Etsy.

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