Getting Your Feet Wet Online?

Waves of Influence

Most of us feel like this when we need to put our passion online and dive into online marketing:   (Psst! If you want to hear the funny music, click on the upper left corner where you see the speaker down below.)

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What Makes Me Feel Alive

Launching feels good

What Makes Me Feel Alive For my birthday this year, I splurged on one of the happiest and most illuminating weeks of my entire life. I went surfing. In case you don’t know me, I passed my 30th birthday some time ago and haven’t looked back. There’s so much adventure to be had right now! […]

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My Pinterest Playground

lori randall stradtman visionary reputation and image makeovers about pic

I’m surprised by how few people tell me they’re using Pinterest to promote their passion. Some points to ponder if most of your clients are women:

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