Lori Randall Stradtman Mindful Tech

 I provide people with the opportunity to engage in their personal greatness via cultivating an expansive, stable online reputation.

Whether you choose to craft your own via tutorials or hire my Digital PR Agency to do the work for you so you can do what you do best, we can

quickly create mind blowing, vibrant, creative, conscious visibility for you online and in person.

Because these days people Google you before they go out to coffee with you, before they hire you, and before they choose to publish your work or feature your art.

I’m an artist who is considered a global expert on the art and science of creating expansive, positive online reputation, no matter what misunderstandings or quirks of fate, like having the same name as an axe murderer, which really happened with a client, by the way!

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You have never met an online reputation expert like me. I:

  • Went from living from hand to mouth, divorced with 3 kids in a small southern town in 2008, during the worst economy since The Great Depression, to receiving invitations to speak and consult in Dubai, Silicon Valley, Gran Canaria, London, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Los Angeles.
  • Have received requests from Celebrities and C Level Executives to transform their reputation online after massive online attacks that left them feeling completely misunderstood and misrepresented.
  • Have had a major book publisher approach me to write a book for them on Social Media, which later published as Online Reputation Management For Dummies (Wiley Press).
  • Have gone to the most extravagant, adventurous lengths to learn how online Visibility works (from attending DefCon in 2012 to interviewing two of the most distinguished network architects in the world – men who literally invented the internet we’re using right now) so I could write the most ethical, scalable, effective guide book possible.
  • Have had major news publications and magazines request interviews to learn more about how online visibility works.

If you can vibe with that we are going to have great fun and get your personal greatness launched in positive, expansive ways.