magnifying mirror
Some things are private!

10x Mirrors and Your Secret Browsing Habits: All Is Revealed

I have one of those vanity mirrors so intense that I can see clear down through my pores and into my very soul.

Thing is, I’d rather you not witness my ritual where every freckle, laugh line, or facial fuzz is examined and possibly tweezed. This is a sacred, private event.


Private Web Browsing Is Also Sacred

Uncle Sam now wants to criminalize our private web browsing. He wants to keep records on our online activity that are more detailed Nazi Germany dreamed of in it’s wildest dreams of world domination and sauer kraut for everyone.

Click here for Ryan Christian’s more detailed post. 

Does government really deserve to access our most sacred browsing experiences?

  • What if you’re writing a spy novel and need to look up poisons, weapons, and home-zombification kits?
  • What if you have a disturbing little skin condition you want to diagnose?
  • What if you simply don’t think every detail of your life is up for grabs?

Maybe our web browsing deserves at least as much respect that 10x mirror ritual I sometimes enjoy.

How do you feel about Uncle Sam criminalizing private web browsing?