Lori Randall Stradtman is a published author, speaker, and Organic Communicator. She explores how to foster warm, inclusive connection personally, in groups, and via emerging technology.

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Why I’m Doing It

Am building on what I’ve learned about technology and people via my experience of working with a group of web technologists, deep researchers, and network engineers via my focus in Online Reputation Management. Have been studying human connection via my 2008 degree in Communications and intense study. It’s my thing. Am endlessly fascinated by human communication and how it can be made warmer, closer, clearer, just…better.

I’m focusing on these main areas:

  • Mindful Use of Technology
  • Making Room at the Table
  • Creating Deeper Connections

As one who loves the screaming edge of new tech, I’m just as taken with what elevates this experience of humanity, both collectively and individually.

So, together with some of the world’s leading technologists, I’m exploring emerging technology. They explain practical aspects and possibilities from their perspective and I explore how it’s landing with people, how it can be used to light up the best and brightest of human nature. How we can connect consciously, remembering that there’s a real person at the other end of every “send” and that it can be empty or… magical.